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Streamers in Muddy Water

With the recent amount of thunderstorms and some heavy rain we see in the mountains in the Summer, it’s good to be prepared to fish in muddy waters rather than going back home once you get to the river.  There are several tips that we can offer.  First, remember that as when you are usually fly fishing, the fish do not want to stay in the fastest part of the current, particularly when it is flowing even faster than usual after a storm.  They will hunker down behind rocks or logs that provide a hiding place from the current or they will tend to stay near the very bottom of the river. 

Since the trout cannot see as well in the muddy waters as they can when it’s clear, it’s great to use flies that are larger and attract more attention.  That is why fishing with streamers can be effective when fishing in muddy water.  They tend to have more flash, are larger and can be weighted heavily enough that they can drag towards the bottom of the stream.  Also the motion of streamer fishing can attract trout that otherwise might not be able to notice a softer drift in clear water.  

Instead of letting some murky water cancel your next fishing outing, stop by Curtis Wright Outfitters to let our guides provide some insight on what flies would work best to catch those fish!  In case you are heading out on a solo venture to a creek near you, make sure you check out the Fly Fishing Asheville & Western North Carolina Stream Reports page of our website.  Happy fishing everyone!

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